Yes and no signs I've heard that in Bulgaria, "yes" and "no" signs are the opposite from most countries, like for example people nod when they say "no" etc. Is it true? Thanks in advance!
Nov 14, 2018 4:12 AM
Answers · 4
It really deppends on the person and the context. You probably won't see anyone shake their head for "no" as in other countries. Actually I think we nod for both yes and no. You can tell by our expression which one we are signing. 😝
January 29, 2019
Yes, it's true [emoji] Nowadays younger people that travel more, have adopted the foreign model, though.
November 18, 2018
Thanks a lot! [emoji]
November 17, 2018
Yes, and it can cause a humorous situation...sometimes.
November 14, 2018
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