question from TV friends-where is Soho? hey guys, here are scripts from TV friends: .......... Phoebe: But you-you-you came to see Lilly? Frank Sr.: Yeah Phoebe: Lilly's dead. (He looks up in shock.) Frank Sr.: She what?! Phoebe: She's dead. Frank Sr.: Are you sure? Phoebe: Well,【 if she isn't then cremating her was a big mistake.】 Frank Sr.: I can't believe this. Oh my God. How long ago? Phoebe: 17 years ago. Frank Sr.: Oh! what about the girls? Phoebe: Well, Ursula is a waitress and【she lives in Soho】. And Phoebe, (pause) is on this couch. (Silence ensues.) Frank Sr.: Phoebe, I don’t know what to say. I just can't believe that you're my daughter, you're so pretty. Phoebe: Yes. Well, that's neither here nor there. Frank Sr.: So would it, would it make you feel better if I said I was very, very sorry that I left? Phoebe: Y'know what, it doesn’t matter what you say it's not gonna make a difference anyway, so you can just go. Frank Sr.: All right. Well,【in my defense】 I was a lousy father. Phoebe: That's a defense? Frank Sr.: Yes. Yes it is. I burned the formula and I put your diapers on backwards. I mean, I made up a song to sing you to sleep, but that made you cry even more! .......... below are my questions: Phoebe:if she 【isn't】 dead,cremating her 【was】a big mistake。 Question 1: Phoebe‘s mother is truly、really、definitely dead now。so why doesn't Phoebe use imaginary situation?I think it should be “if she 【wasn't】 dead,cremating her 【would be】a big mistake”,like “if it 【wasn't】raining right now,I【would be】having a picnic。 Phoebe:Ursala is a waitress and she lives in 【Soho】。 Question 2: what/ where is a Soho? Phoebe‘s dad: 【in my defense】,I was a lousy father。 Question 3: I know what 【in my defense】means,but is it funny to use this saying here?why does the audience laugh when Phoebe‘s dad says that? ...... thanks guys
Jun 10, 2019 11:58 PM
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1. By imaginary situation, I assume you mean a hypothetical situation. In English you are supposed to use "were" instead of was. Example: If I were a millionaire, I would quit my job. This is a subjunctive mood. However, there are basically four scenarios for these kind of statements. The if-statement can refer to the past or the non-past (future or present) and the hypothetical action can refer to the past or non-past. non-past, non-past If I were a millionaire (right now), I would quit my job (right now / in the future) non-past, past If I were a millionaire (right now), I would have quit my job (in the past) past, non-past If I had been a millionaire (in the past), I would quit my job (right now or in the future) *This situation is strange and does not make a lot of sense past, past If I had been a millionaire (in the past), I would have quit my job (in the past) Okay, now to the friends situation. In an indicative (factual sense) the correct way to say it is as they did on the show: "if she isn't dead, cremating her was a big mistake." If she literally isn't dead right now, then they should not have cremated her back then. The other way is in the subjunctive: non-past, past "if she weren't dead (right now), cremating her would have been a big mistake (in the past)" 2.,_Manhattan 3. It's supposed to be funny because usually when you say "in my defense" you will provide an actual reason. His defense is being a lousy father, which is not a real defense. It subverts the expectation of him actually giving a good reason.
June 11, 2019
Soho is a neighborhood in New York City.
June 11, 2019
Hope this helps.
June 11, 2019
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