What's the difference? -> "the place where I visited" VS "the place which I visited" In the view of the grammar lesson which I learned, the verb 'visit' in the former should be intransitive, while the other one is transitive, because 'where' is an adverb when 'which' is a pronoun. But this much is all I could come up with... any help?
Jun 14, 2019 2:11 AM
Answers · 3
Visit is usually transitive, but it can be intransitive in rare and literary contexts. For your purposes, just avoid using it. Stick to "The place that I visited" or "The place which I visited" or even just "The place I visited." Just to clarify Transitive: I visit him from time to time. Intransitive: I visit from time to time. (this is honestly pretty natural) Here is an example of a somewhat natural sentence with where: "I went into the house, where I visited often in the evenings."
June 14, 2019
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