Meanings of the adjectives "Miserable" and "Ridiculous" Hello everyone! I'm tring to make up some sentences with these two adjectives. I will write in capital letters their synonyoms. After the loss of your pet, my dog looks like miserable. UNHAPPY Homeless people are miserable. UNHAPPY The world is full of miserable people. Watch out and don’t trust anyone. LOW VALUE I don’t advice that pub. The food and the staff team are miserable LOW QUALITY We’re always staff shorted, it’s ridiculous. = UNREASONABLE You are gone too far. The situation is getting ridiculous = STUPID, ILLOGICAL ( Bad way) You look ridiculous with this hat on. = STUPID Since here, everything is okay to understand. Can be "ridiculous" used in a good way? How are you able to do that in 2 minutes? It’s ridiculous! = ILLOGICAL BUT GREAT (?) If I did that It would takes me 2 hours! You look ridiculous with this hat on. = FUNNY (?) Thank you!
Jun 18, 2019 6:56 PM
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Hi Simone, When applied to people (and animals) miserable usually means either "feeling very unhappy" or "living in a state of distress". Depending on the context, it can also imply that a person is bad tempered/unpleasant to deal with. So "my dog looks miserable" and "homeless people are miserable" both convey those meanings well, and UNHAPPY is definitely the right synonym. Because they refer to people as well, the other two sentences ("The world is full of miserable people" and "the staff are miserable") also convey UNHAPPY to me. "The staff are miserable" also suggests that they are unpleasant/bad tempered too, as the context was that you wouldn't recommend the pub. It's all context - if the sentence had been, e.g., "when they heard they'd lost their jobs, the staff were miserable", that would just suggest unhappiness. Note: you can also use miserable to describe conditions or events, but the meanings are slightly different: • "I had such a miserable week" (meaning: "full of unhappiness/discomfort", UNHAPPY would work as a synonym here too) • "The weather is cold and miserable today" (meaning: "causing unhappiness/discomfort", more like UNPLEASANT) You're right that miserable can also mean "pathetically inadequate or meagre", which is related to ideas of LOW VALUE / LOW QUALITY and also to the idea of "causing discomfort". As far as I'm aware this meaning is less common, and I don't think you'd use it to describe people. It's one of those words that only sounds correct in a few circumstances. Some sample sentences for that would be: • "The company pays them a miserable salary" (pathetically low amount, synonym would be INADEQUATE) • "They set a miserable example for her" (an incredibly poor example, VERY POOR [/LOW QUALITY] would work as a synonym here, maybe even DEPLORABLE) Hope that helps. :)
June 19, 2019
Yes. It can be used in a positive way. The one below is like a compliment. How are you able to do that in 2 minutes? It’s ridiculous! UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING If I did that It would takes me 2 hours!
June 18, 2019
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