What is the difference between manipulation and deception? Exp. We should avoid manipulation and deception in the agreement to build a good relationship. Is there any difference between manipulation and deception in previous sentence?
Jun 22, 2019 10:13 PM
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You have good answers already, but I'll just add mine... When you manipulate someone you are cleverly using their feelings, emotions and beliefs in a way that makes them do what you want. For example, if you want your children to go to bed and you know that they like it when you read them a story, you may tell them "hurry up, when you're in bed I will read you a story". If you just tell them to go to bed they may resist you, but by adding the bit about reading a story you are making them pause and think about a reward. If the idea of the reward is enough to get them into bed then your manipulation has been a success. A deception would be if you told them "hurry up, when you're in bed I will read you a story", and then you DIDN'T read them a story. In that case your deception would be the same thing as a lie. Or, if you read them a story like this..."one day a pig tripped over a branch and fell into the pond, the end"... This would not be a lie because you did indeed tell them a story, but it would still be a deception because the children were expecting (and you knew they were expecting) a proper story. Other manipulations... 1) Want to come to my party? Sara is going to be there! (you know he likes Sara) 2) I hear Tony is going to get the best grades this term. Didn't you get the best grades last term? (you know he's proud about his grades, so you're trying to make him study harder) Other deceptions... 1) Sara really likes you and she'll be at my party tonight, you should come! (when you know that Sara doesn't actually like him) 2) If you buy my notes I can guarantee that you get better grades than Tony this term! (you can't actually guarantee this and your notes may be rubbish but you don't care you just want the money)
June 23, 2019
Hi Sultan , The difference between manipulation and deception is as follows: Manipulation is the practice of manipulating or the state of being manipulated. In other words, you employ manipulation if you want someone to take an action. Deception is the an action or scheme fabricated to deliberately mislead or delude someone into believing something. Both of these words have pretty negative overtones, but manipulation can be understood to mean something positive — doing something to influence your actions in a positive manner. In this case, there's really not too big of a difference. This sentence leans more towards the negative connotations of both words, ," i.e., being transparent to maintain a working professional relationship. I hope this helps! Wenwei
June 22, 2019
Not all manipulation entails deceit. For example, if this is sentence occurs in the context of a contractual ("agreement") business relationship, and the contract is to sell 100% of factory capacity to one customer exclusively, and deception can always raise certain foreseeable issues, for example, lying about output. But the supplier could conceivably manipulate variables (materials, techniques, equipment, quality) in the process without using outright deception, but fundamentally changing the understanding. Other forms of manipulation could be leverage or pressure.
June 22, 2019
Deception is the action of deceiving, whether by outright lies or be misleading. Manipulation can involve deception, but it is more about influencing people’s feelings or reactions, usually unfairly.
June 22, 2019
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