questions from friends-lamazada ??? hey you guys, here are some questions from the TV show Friends. Phoebe is giving birth to three babies for her little brother (surrogate thing)and his wife Alice. below are scripts: ............................................ Frank: (entering) Hey! All: Hey! Frank: (To Phoebe) Hey! Am I late? Am I late? Nobody came out yet, right? Phoebe: No-no-no! We haven't started yet. Where's Alice? Frank: Uh, 【Delaware】. She's on her way though, so until she gets here, I'm gonna be your coach. But don't worry, she told me all about the 【la-Mazada stuff】. Chandler: Yeah, that's when if you get the babies out by the end of the month,【 they give you 2% financing.】 Frank: Yeah. .............................. words in the brackets are beyond me: Q1: 【Delaware】 is a state in america,right? is it far from Manhattan (where Phoebe is giving birth), is Alice able to make it to Manhattan by the time Phoebe is done having babies? Q2:【la-Mazada stuff】 is what? does it have something to do with Lamaza? or Mazada? Q3: 【 they give you 2% financing.】means they will give you a discount? thanks very much:)
Jun 27, 2019 8:27 AM
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1. Delaware is a state. It is far enough away that it may not be possible for Alice to get there in time (it depends on how long it takes for the babies to be born). 2. "Lamaze" is a type of breathing that women do when they're giving birth. Supposedly, it calms them down and makes everything less painful. "Mazda" is a type of car. Frank isn't very smart, so he has mixed up the two words. 3. "2% financing" is a phrase you might hear when buying or renting a car (like a Mazda). Chandler is making fun of Frank messing up the word "Lamaze"
October 12, 2019
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