farid sadeghi
did you scared? or were you scared? which one and why
Jul 3, 2019 10:44 AM
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"Were you scared?" Here, you're using 'scared' as an adjective. Adjectives in their base form are 'to be tall', 'to be scared', 'to be angry', 'to be surprised'. They need the verb 'be'. Therefore your short sentence is correct as 'WERE you scared?' (Because 'were' is the past form of 'be' conjugated to 'you') There is often a lot of confusion about what is an adjective and what is the passive voice, because, with regular verbs, it often looks the same. (The past participle is often used as an adjective - e.g. He is frightened; She was interested; They are excited, etc.) 'Did you scared' is incorrect. To use 'scare' as a verb in the past, we would say 'Did he/she/it scare you?' (Here we need the helping verb 'do' to create the question. All questions in English need a form of 'be', 'have' or, most commonly, 'do' to 'help' them.) Although your question was a short one, learning about these things will take a lot of time and practice, and structured lessons might help you. I wish you lots of success in your English learning.
July 3, 2019
to be scared = to be frightened, to experience fear to scare = to make someone feel scared A monster scared a little boy. You can ask the boy: "Were you scared?" And he'll reply: "Yes, I was." You can ask the monster: "Did you scare the boy?" And the monster will say: "Yes, I did."
July 3, 2019
Were you scared because it's about your condition in a passive voice (you were scared by the storm). If you want to say you scared somebody, you should say "you scared him with your loud breath"
July 3, 2019
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