How to answer "Nice to meet you" Is it correct to say "Mutually" to greetings? It sounds a little coldly. Are there other ways to express courtesy?
Jul 6, 2019 5:41 AM
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The word you're looking for is "likewise". Here's an example: Person A: It was a pleasure meeting you 🤝 Person B: Likewise :) I hope my answer helps
July 6, 2019
'Mutually' is definitely wrong. If you said that to someone you've just met, they would be confused. The word exists, of course - I'm guessing that you found it in a dictionary when you were looking for a translation from an equivalent word in Russian - but that isn't how we use it in English. 'Mutually' is an ordinary adverb which has to be part of a sentence, for example, "The two diplomats negotiated a solution which was mutually acceptable." It cannpt stand alone in a conversation. The word you were trying to find is 'Likewise'. If someone says something to you and you want to say "Yes, it's the same for me" or "Yes, I think that, too", you can respond by simply saying 'Likewise'. It's a little short, which can come over as cold or casual, depending on the circumstances. But if you say it in a genuine way, with a smile and some eye contact, it's perfectly polite. Otherwise you can say either 'Nice to meet YOU' (with the emphasis on the 'you') or 'Nice to meet you, too'. I hope that helps.
July 6, 2019
Answers will vary on country. 'Likewise' is US English. At least, you only hear it rarely where i am (Australia) Our common response to "Nice to meet you", is "You too" or "Same to you".
July 6, 2019
You’re right — “mutually” sounds cold formal, and foreign. “Likewise, I’m sure” would sound cold, formal, and like you’re in an old movie ;) “Same here” would probably sound cold and informal. So, what *should* you say? You could simply return the same phrase, but with the emphasis on the new information “nice to meet *you*!” Or you could say something like “it’s *my* pleasure!” More formally, you could say “the pleasure is mine.” There are lots of options, but regardless of what you say, your tone of voice is what will convey the message.
July 6, 2019
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