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How to get rid of embarrassment. I am embarrassing myself speaking English. So,I don't have the courage to communicate with Skype. How can I switch feelings? I feel like going to travel and want to make friends! I will be nervous to go to an international exchange party etc. *** 「英語を話している自分」が恥ずかしいです。克服法がありましたら是非教えてください!
Jul 9, 2019 3:41 PM
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There are no magic answers. These suggestions might help. 1) "Feel the fear and do it anyway." Accept your feelings. Don't let them stop you. 2) The fear or anxiety is a sensation. Try to experience it just as a physical sensation, like any other discomfort. For example, people often refer to your kind of embarrassment by saying "I feel butterflies in my stomach." Well, OK. Don't think "I feel ashamed, I feel embarrassed," think "I feel butterflies in my stomach." 3) Taking it a step further, the sensations of fear and excitement are very similar. Instead of saying "I feel afraid," try saying to yourself "I feel excited."
July 9, 2019
Just try to do that.I know it's difficult at first but if you belive in yourself and overcome your emmmbarassment at beginning you will do that well in next times.
July 9, 2019
How to overcome embarrassment about speaking English. 1. Identify specifically what you are embarrassed about. (your pronunciation, lack of self-confidence, fear of being thought of as stupid, etc.) 2. Address the specific problem. (Improve your pronunication by reading out loud, listening to video and audio files and saying what you hear out loud; search for resources to improve your self-confidence; ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen if people thought you were stupid, incompetent, etc. Does their opinion matter?) 3. Find a language partner or teacher that you trust to build your confidence, someone with whom you can feel comfortable making mistakes without worrying about criticism. 4. Practice, practice, practice.
July 9, 2019
try talking to yourself in front of the mirror Speak up! It seems crazy but it works ...
July 9, 2019
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