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What does this mean ? (Egyptian Dialect) عقبال عندكم جميعا عزال عمرو صبري ان شاء الله النهارده بعد صلاة العصر في بيت العيلة في التلت
Jul 27, 2019 6:00 AM
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this sentence dont has meaning like this(that because the word عزال i explain later ) :lets try to discuss it word by word 1-عقبال in modern standard (fusha)it عقبي =which mean end of things and عقبي +ل (لي /لك ...)its mean i wish you to be like me (in general its wish to have same thing (success/travel/new job .....etc)..so عقبال its general wish ..عقبالك wish for you (i think you already knew this part about لي/لك/لكم...) 2-عندكم جميعا =all of you ..so now we have (a wish to all of you) 3-here is the word that cause confusion there عِزالwith KASRA under ع which mean moving to other place /house and you already get every thing out side the old place preparing to go to the new one *there عُزالwith Damah on عwhich mean some people who dont wish any good for you or you think of them they have grudge ..Both meaning not common to say with عقبال we can have the first meaning as a joke or friendly but other it will like irony or enmity ..Specially in your phrase the rest of it dont make any sense . 4-عمرو صبري its name /ان شاء الله its religious word mean if Allah wants (you already knew it but i prefer to be every thing clear) 5-النهاردة =today/بعد صلاة العصر =after pray Al-Asr 6-في بيت العيلة (العائلة)=in family house 7-في التلت i dont know what you meant by this i thinking in الثلاثاء =Tuesday (but its not right because you wrote النهاردة =today so no need to mention other day ) in the end try to make sure of عزال/التلتthen the phrase will have meaning
July 27, 2019
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