Trần Minh Thịnh
She hates watching Tv,does she? Because''hate'' has the same meaning as ''don't like''.Therefore,the sentence''she hates watching Tv' can rewrite '' She doesn't like watching Tv''.Because of that,the tag question of the sentence''she hates watching Tv'' is does she.Is it correct?
Jul 30, 2019 11:56 AM
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Several people have already explained this very clearly. Please try to understand: a grammatically negative sentence is NOT a sentence that conveys a negative attitude or emotion. The word "hate" is grammatically POSITIVE, unless it is negated within the sentence. The negation of "to hate" is "to NOT hate." A sentence is not grammatically negative unless the verb is actually negated with the word "not" or the word "never." All the answers you've received from English speakers, in this post and all your previous posts on this same topic, have been correct. The tag question for "She hates it" is "doesn't she?"
July 30, 2019
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July 30, 2019
Hi Tran Minh: You are on the right track. One can ask: Does she hate...? or does she not (hate)..? The latter one is our right tag for this question. Turning it around, we could say : She does not like watching, does she? Rule of thumb: phrase a question. She hates. Does she hate? So, the tag is: Does she not hate? ..., doesn't she? She will close the window. Will she close the window? The tag is: Will she not ( Won't she)? Best. Rüdiger
July 30, 2019
I'm apologize for being rude to all of you.Because I want to prove my teacher that the tag question is doesn't she.I have known the correct tag question before,but I have to ask all of you twice because I want to make sure my answer is correct and why the tag question''does she'' is incorrect.Again,I'm very very sorry
July 30, 2019
hmmm ... the other Tran Minh Thinh asked an almost identical question here: People take time to help you and you behave badly. This is rude.
July 30, 2019
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