tuhaf bir sesin beni uyandirmasina ne kadar şaşirdigimi tahmin edebilirsiniz The only think I do not understand here is why uyandirmak has "-masina" as a suffix My knowledge about such construction does not give sense to the sentence uyandirma (short infinitive) +si (someone's) +na (dative) ( I guess since "ne kadar) but, that will mean "someone's sleeping", while in the sentence it is the sleeping of the one who is telling the story, the "beni". What am I missing?
Jul 30, 2019 4:13 PM
Answers · 2
You almost got it, except +na(dative) has a different meaning. Think of it as phrasal verbs, having a particular preposition. sasirmak (to be surprised) is used with dativ. Bir seye sasirmak birinin beni uyandirmasi = someone waking me up sasirmak = to be surprised I am surprised to see you sleeping = senin uyuyor olmanA sasirdim I am surprised that you went there = oraya gitmenE sasirdim
July 30, 2019
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