Can someone please translate this to Moroccan Arabic for me ERGENT “Look abdo I’m really sorry, i shouldn’t have said anything and i don’t think you’re a liar at all in fact i trust you a lot. But when i saw this you couldn’t have expected me not to be upset about it. When this came up as suggested i just wanted an explanation and i know i shouldn’t have acted the way i did but i just felt so hurt. I love you so much and i don’t want to lose you over something stupid like this. So i will ask you one question. Am i the only girl you love?“
Jul 31, 2019 3:40 PM
Answers · 1
chuf a Abdu, smeh liya bzzaf. ma kanchh 3liya nttsrr3 f klami, ma kan Dnnch blli nta kddab niha_iyyan, f lwaqi3 ana kan tiq fik bzzaf. walakin mlli cheft hadchi, ma tntaDrch annani ma kunch m3SSba 3la hadchi. walakin mlli Tra hadchi, knt bagha ghir wahd ttefsir. ana 3arfa ma kanch 3liyya nttSrrf bhal kimma drt, walakin knt mejruHa. kabghik bzzaf w mabghitch nkhsrk 3la qbl chi haja tafha bhal hadi, 3liha bghit nsuwwlk : wach ana lbnt lwahida ll katbghi?
July 31, 2019
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