half & dozen ...A half-dozen colorful British tabloids.. Morrie had a half a dozen visitors. A half dozen, half a dozen, a half a dozen Do they mean the same? Which one is the most common?
Aug 1, 2019 11:39 AM
Answers · 6
They both mean the same and neither is really more common than the other. I always say 'half a dozen' myself, but I hear others say 'half dozen'.
August 1, 2019
Hello XiaoDeng :) Both "A half-dozen" and "half a dozen" are correct. Here are some examples : - Please buy half a dozen eggs - A half-dozen slices of ham is required to make this sandwich - There were only half a dozen people at the conference I hope these help with your understanding :))
August 1, 2019
Just to add to Warren and Greg's answers, there are some other words that work the same way. For example, you can say "a half hour" or "half an hour." I would say that "a half dozen"/"a half hour" is the more casual form, and "half a dozen"/"half an hour" is more standard. As the others have said, both are common. When in doubt, though, you should use "half [of] a/an," which will always be correct. (For example, you can say you have "half a box" of something, but it would be very unusual to say you have "a half-box" of something.)
August 1, 2019
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