reported speech with "yesterday" I've got a question related to reported speech. How should the sentence "I didn't meet her yesterday" look in reported speech while reporting it next day? For example, I said in the morning "I didn't meet her yesterday." and later in the day I'm repeating it. Should I say: I said I didn't meet her yesterday. or I said I hadn't met her yesterday.
Aug 3, 2019 10:16 AM
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past perfect. "When I talked to Bob about Sally two days ago, I said I hadn't met her the previous day." In general, move every tense one tense back in the past for reported speech. future-->future in the past "I will go there"--> I said I would go there. present simple-->past simple I go there often--> I said I went there often. present continuous-->past continuous I am going there now-->I said I was going there then. present perfect--> past perfect "I have gone there"--> I said I had gone there present perfect continuous-->past perfect continuous I have been studying Chinese for 10 years--> I said I had been studying Chinese for 10 years past simple-->past perfect "I went there"-->I said I had gone there past perfect-->past perfect "I had done that"--> I said I had done that.
August 3, 2019
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