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Verb Conjugation: Please help me with the verb "davidan دویدن" (to run), in the colloquial Hi, Could you help me conjugate the verb "to run" (davidan دویدن) in Persian, *SPOKEN* form? I just need the present tense (I run, you run, s/he runs, etc.) and the past tense (I ran, you ran, s/he ran, etc.) but in the colloquial form. (present tense, written) man midavam, to midavi, u midavad, mā midavim, shomā midavid, ānhā midavand (past tense, written) man davidam, to davidi, u david, mā davidim, shomā davidid, ānhā davidand *Now, I just need the above conjugations in the spoken form. Thank you.
Aug 6, 2019 7:38 PM
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Bonjour In this case you have to prononce "o" instead of "v". present tense, second part is the spoken form : man midavam, mi do am می دو ام to midavi, mi do ei می دو یی u midavad, mi do e می دو ا mā midavim, mi do eim می د و ییم shomā midavid, mi do eid می دو یید  ānhā midavand mi do and می دو اند past tense, Second part is the spoken form : man davidam, do ei dam to davidi, do ei di u david, do eid mā davidim, do ei dim  shomā davidid, do ei did ānhā davidand do ei dand
August 9, 2019
Salaam :) simple present tense of "davidan" in spoken Farsi: midoam/ midoi/ midoe/ midoim/ midoid or midoin / midoan simple past: man doidam/ to doidi/ oon doid/ maa doidim / shomaa doidin or doidid /oonaa doidan by the way "davide boodam" (doide boodam in spoken Farsi) is the past perfect tense. I hope this helps.
August 7, 2019
Present: mi do am mi do ee mi do e mi do eem mi do een mi do an ________________________________________________ Past: mi do ee dam mi do ee di mi do eed mi do ee deem mi do ee deen mi do ee dan
August 10, 2019
Thank you, gelareh. *Can you conjugate the present tense in the colloquial (āmiyāneh)? Thank you.
August 6, 2019
Hello No the past tense is man davide boodam to davide boodi u davide bood ma davide boodim shoma davide boodid anha davide boodand
August 6, 2019
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