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What are some common Korean Text Typos and abbreviations? I've been texting my friend in Korean lately and it's quite hard to understand him as of late because he uses so much typos. Is it very common to use typos while texting? Is it supposed to make someone sound cuter...? Or is it just abbreviations? Things I've seen so far and could understand 머해 = 뭐해 요기 = 여기 해봣어 = 해봤어 아니여 = 아니요 맛잇겟다 = 맛있겠다 If you know any abbreviations or other typos please list them here so I know ㅠㅠ thank you
Aug 10, 2019 3:10 AM
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It really depends on the person, but amongst the younger generations, it's probably more common than you already think. The typo examples you gave are just lazy typing in the cases of 맛잇겟다, 해봣어, etc., but the others are for cutesies. Several common abbreviations of fairly common words: (Abbrv. - Meaning) ㅇㅇ/ㅇ - 응 ㄴㄴ/ㄴ - 노노 ㄱㄱ - 고고 ㄱㅅ - 감사 ㅉㅉ - 쯪쯪 (tsk tsk) 머함 = 뭐해 ㅇㅈ - 인정 ("approved"/"right") ㄱㅊ - 괜찮(아) 굿밤 - 굿+밤 꿀잠 - sweet (꿀 is honey, which is sweet) + 잠 (sleep tight) 꿀잼 - 꿀 (again) + 재미 (잼) 배그 - 배틀그라운드 (PUBGgame) ㅇㅋ - 오케이 ㄷㄷ - 덜덜 (shaking) 쌩얼 - bareface (w/o makeup) 존잘 - 존나 잘생겼다 존예 - 존나 예쁘다 That's all I could think of off the top of my head, but there are countless more already out there and being made right now. As for the typos, there's no way to know them all, but you can learn to work through them yourself. Try to break down and extrapolate from the ones you already know. Many play-typos come from playing on the flexibility of pronouncing the Korean alphabet, where similar sounds can be made using different 글자 (characters). So, 해봤어 could become 해봣어, 해봐써, 해봐쏘, 해바쏘, 해바쓰; 여기 could become 요기, 여긔, 요긔, 여귀, and so much more. Here are several perfect examples of this (to the extreme) from @akmu_jjome on Instagram. I'll put in loads so you can see how spelling can adapt to the pronunciation. - 또 쟌소리야 지짜 이으긍 쪼메 눙꼽이나 띠어조라 = 또 잔소리야 진짜 아이고 쪼메 눈곱이나 떼어주라 - 쪼메 지금 잘 보며는 콪물나 = 쪼메 지금 잘 보면은 콧물 나 - 엄마... 누냐는 언재온대여..? (아련) = 엄마... 누나는 언제 온대요..? (아련) - 눈나가 요즘 자꼬 코코코 하눈데 이거 닾닾하고 시른데 맨날 쪼메한태만 그래여.. 힝.. = 누나가 요즘 자꾸 코코코 하는데 이거 답답하고 싫은데 맨날 쪼메한테만 그래요.. 힝.. - 쪼메눈여 이르캐 구석애다가 달라부터서 눈나랑 엄마랑 요리하눈거 본담미다 쿸.. (영어루두 요리눈 쿸.. ㅎㅎ) 그러먼 하나 줄꺼갓아써여 근ㄷㅔ 깜빡 자버려써요 = 쪼메는요 이렇게 구석에다가 달라 붙어서 누나랑 엄마랑 요리하는 거 본답니다 쿸.. (영어로도 요리는 쿸..ㅎㅎ) 그러면 하나 줄 거 같았어요 근데 깜빡 자버렸어요 - 에이챰 하품할때찌그지말라그웅 ><* = 에이 참 하품할 때 찍지 말라고 ><* - 쪼메는 맨날 이러케사라요 인친님드른 어떠케사라여? = 쪼메는 맨날 이렇게 살아요 인친(인스타 친구)들은 어떻게 살아요? Additionally, you could look up "Korean shortcut texting" for more help. All the best!
August 11, 2019
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