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Could anyone help correct this sentence? "After leaving my sweet little coastal hometown, wherever I go, I have to live somewhere near the water--be it a river, or the sea." The situation is that I left and returned my hometown a couple of times, and will leave again soon. I want to describe that as long as I leave and go to somewhere else, I have to live near the water, so the verb I use the present tense. Is this sentence correct?
Aug 22, 2019 12:57 AM
Answers · 3
Your sentence sounds good. Two comments "be it" is rather formal and borderline unnatural. And logically, saying you have to live somewhere near the water makes sense, but then you mention only rivers and seas, which leaves out other obvious possibilities such as lakes. If you wanted to single out those two, you could add "especially" or change "the water" to "moving water".
August 22, 2019
Girls at the piano
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