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Kihwan jung
some sentences that I can't understand :( 1. It happens more often that you'd think for designers and artists to place hidden peni penises in levels and then for them to have to be patched out. I understand what the sentence means but I can't figure out the meaning of "in levels" in this sentence. What does that mean? 2. For most, their lot is a life of crime, stints in prison, probable contraction of HIV and hepatitis C, and an early death. In this sentence, I can't understand what "lot" and "stints in prison" means. Does "lot" means something like "parking lot"? And what is "stints"? 3. If you miss the vein, that's an abscess straight away. I can't get the meaning of "miss the vein". 4. They treat there Pokemon's like actual pets, just not all the fighting each other part. I can't understand what " just not all the fighting each other part" means. Well I guess that it means that "Not only having them fight each other" but I'm not sure. What does that mean?
Sep 19, 2019 3:09 AM
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Kia's comment was a reasonable answer. 1: "levels" would depend on context. My guess is also that it refers to game levels - does that make sense in context? 2: "Lot" is "what you get, or expect to get from your life". I think it may be idiom. "She didn't realise her lot would be to be a mother, rather than a physicist". "a stint" is a period of time doing something. A stint in jail, a stint as a racing driver. 3: I also think that 'vein' is referring to using a hypodermic syringe. You try to get the needle through the vein. If you don't, you miss the vein. 4: Is a bit of childish English. They have mixed up 'their' and 'there' and left out some punctuation. Yes, you are almost right. It means not having the Pokemon fight. They treat their Pokemon like actual pets, just not all the "fighting each other" part.
September 19, 2019
1. I really don't understand the first sentence. "Levels" could mean "different heights". 2. The definition of lot in this case: "a particular group of people"; the definition of stints in this case: "the time spent in prison" 3. I think "Miss the vein" means that while you try to collect blood, if you MISS THE VEIN, there's an abscess that forms 4. Like Kia said, people don't generally have their pets fight. So, pokemons are treated as pets, except for the fact that they are made to fight one another.
September 19, 2019
Thank you for your comment :)
September 19, 2019
1. In levels is probably referring to video game levels 2. Lot is a little tricky to explain, it is sort of like "what they will get from life." Stints means a period of time. 3. "Miss the vein" is probably referring to needle injections and how the needle doesn't always hit the vein. 4. It's a joke. They treat their Pokemon with care, but still make them fight each other (which is typically not what people do with their real pets.)
September 19, 2019
Kihwan jung
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