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What does it mean? How do you say it another way? Lay it on.
Sep 24, 2019 10:23 PM
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Hello, Pelin. "Lay it on" means to praise someone too much (often in an insincere way). For example, "She really laid it on about how good my cooking was. She said I was the best chef in the world." You could also say the following phrases which mean the same thing: 1. lay it on thick 2. spread it on thick 3. pour it on thick 3. lay it on a bit thick
September 24, 2019
We need more context to answer. Lay it on can have some different meanings. One is the one this Merriam-Webster definition gives which is to say in an exaggerated and insincere way. I would argue they got that definition wrong and that their definition is actually for the phrase “lay it on thick” the thick part being the exaggerated and insincere part. Another is “lay it on me”. This is an informal phrase similar to “spill the beans”. Meaning tell me the whole story/truth even if it’s not easy. The third is in the form “lay it on the line”. It has two meanings, both of which are given here: One is to risk something to gain something, the other is to speak bluntly. The risk meaning may have to do with placing money on the betting line or a metaphorical line as in the phrase draw a line in the sand, im not sure which.
September 24, 2019
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