Verb "to learn" in japanese? Konnichiwa! I was wondering when you use the verb "Narau" in japanese. Usually I hear "nihongo wo benkyou shiteimasu", but could I say "~ wo naratte imasu"? "Oboeru", on the other hand, means to memorize and remember something, right? Onegaishimasu!
Oct 1, 2019 12:25 AM
Answers · 3
The verb "narau" does mean to learn but it has to be in reference to learning something FROM SOMEONE, so you would have to say something like: 友達にカップケーキの作り方を習いました。 Tomodachi ni cupcake no tsukurikata o naraimashita. I learned how to make cupcakes from my friend. It doesn't have to be a formal learning/teaching experience but "narau" cannot be done alone. It also makes the sentence unnecessary long when talking about an obvious learning subject, so it is not often use.
October 1, 2019
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