What does the sentence"학교에 어떻게 가요?" mean? i feel it is difficult to understand the sentence "학교에 어떻게 가요"? Does it mean "How do you go to school?" or "how to go to school?"? Please help me to understand it? Thank you!
Oct 4, 2019 9:35 AM
Answers · 4
Because Koreans often omit some word in their sentences, I can't be sure what it exactly means. It can mean "how can I get to the school", but it also can mean "How do you go to school" or "How should I go to School". It depends on what the asker wants to ask and what you and the asker talk about.
October 4, 2019
@David: Thank you!
October 4, 2019
Which part of the sentence do you think is difficult to understand? I'm not Korean. To me, it means - how can I get to the school? The speaker could be asking for directions. Let's wait for an answer from Korea. :P
October 4, 2019
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