какие разницы между "тариф" и "пошлина" в моем учебнике есть выражние "ставка импортного тарифа", если тариф тоже значит rate, что значит это выражение?
Oct 6, 2019 9:28 AM
Answers · 6
Пошлина is a payment for state service. Tax service, customs, municipal services and so on. Тариф is simply a payment rate, regardless of where you should pay to.
October 6, 2019
Пошлина is the duty assesed by customs, тариф is the rate you pay for the service. Beware, that could be tricky and have different meaning in another countries, like UK and Australia. I was contemplaing on this subject from US/Russia standpoint
October 6, 2019
и ставка
October 6, 2019
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