What are some useful phrases when ordering food In Japan? Just some general phrases that you commonly hear when ordering food in a cafe or restaurant. Phrases used by the staff in cafes or restaurants. Also how to address the waiter or waitress. Such as: I would like... All together that is (amount) euro Can I have the bill please What would you like to order Is everything ok.
Oct 9, 2019 2:21 PM
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I would like(food or drink) →(food or drink)ください:kudasai. All together that is (amount)→(amount)えんです:endesu. or (amount)えんになります:en ni narimasu. Can I have the bill please→おかいけいおねがいします:okaikei onegaishimasu. or there is easier way to say as いくらですか?:ikuradesuka? actually it means ”How much” ,but also we can use for meaning to pay . What would you like to order→おきまりですか?:okimaridesuka? or ちゅうもん は おきまりですか?:chuumon wa okimaridesuka? Is everything ok→すべておそろいですか?subete osoroidesuka? or ごちゅうもん の しな は すべておそろいですか?:gochuumon no shina wa subeteosoroidesuka? when you call a waiter or waitress→すいません:suimasen or すみません:sumimasen which size?→さいず は どうしますか?;saizu wa doushimasuka? or どのさいず に しますか?:donosaizu ni shimasuka?
October 10, 2019
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