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What does に mean in クラウドインテグレータにGCPを採用してもらう? This is the whole phrase: クラウドインテグレータにGCPを採用してもらう戦略はどうか? I think it means "What is your strategy to make cloud integrators encourage [their clients] to adopt GCP?" Am I right? And why is に used instead of は or が? Thanks!
Oct 9, 2019 6:19 PM
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This question is already expired, but please allow me to answer this. I think that the meaning of the meaning you wrote is a bit different from the actual meaning of the Japanese sentence. Mostly ”What is your strategy” is wrong, 戦略 isn't yours, 戦略 is theirs or the speaker's, in this case. The speaker is asking the listener's opinion, not the strategy. The speaker wants cloud integrators to adopt GCP. Here is a sample correct meaning. What do you think about the strategy to make cloud integrators adopt GCP? Then, "に" is used instead of "は". *に" of them is called 格助詞, The target 「に」 particle, etc, in this case. "に" indicates a final goal. Making cloud integrators adopt GCP is the final goal, in this case. ※は is called 副助詞, the 「は」 topic particle, topic marking particle, or etc. は identifies a topic. は is often translated as "is".
October 24, 2019
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