Alisson S.
Differences between last, take, for and during Hello everyone! I'm trying to understand better the differences between these words to express duration of something. Could anyone help me, please?
Oct 19, 2019 2:17 AM
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Hey Gracie! Thanks a lot for this really good explanation, it's clarified in my mind!!
October 19, 2019
Hi! "To last" and "to take" can almost be used interchangeably when you use the words to express duration. "For" can also be used similarly, but it requires a different sentence structure. But, "during" is different, it's more like the word "while". Some examples might help. 1. The train ride will last three hours. 2. The train ride will take three hours. 3. We will be on the train for three hours. 4. During the train ride, I read, slept, and listened to music. Sentences 1-3 all have essentially the same meaning, but sentence 4 specifies something that happened while the person was on the train. It wouldn't be used to express length of time, it's just used to pinpoint when something happened.
October 19, 2019
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