'足','够' 和 '足够' 有什么区别? I know all three mean 'enough' but they are not exactly the same, you cannot use them the same way and 够 sometimes means 'enough' and sometimes means 'too much' and is really confusing. This is all driving me crazy so I would really appreciate any help. Thank you.
Oct 19, 2019 8:05 PM
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From you want to figure out what is difference between 足 and 足够。it proves that your Chinese level is not basic. 1. 足 has many meaning. it mostly means feet and full enough(pure). 脚 和 充分,完全:足以。 when it implies 充分 (chōng fèn) you can translate as full; ample; abundant; sufficient. pure. FYI: For example: 足月(full month old)。足见。足智多谋。足金(pure gold) 2. 足够: enough, I have enough money to buy a house. 3. 够:a,数量上满足;足够 [be enough;be sufficient;be adequate] 够钱了吗?材料够了。 b, 达到某一点或某种程度 [reach(a certain point or degree);get hold of;be up to] 如:你的中文够好了。刚够条件;够资格;够格;个子不够高 c, 表示超过一定限度,无法承受下去 [hard to bear]。如:够受,够受的;够呛;够瞧,够瞧的;活够了 FYI:
October 21, 2019
The first word means feet. There is no other meaning. The second word means the same as the third. That's enough. Because there are words or only one word in Chinese. So describe the same thing. There are two ways to describe it
October 20, 2019
Actually a single word”足” means foot. Like 足球 means football. So when you want express the meaning of enough , we usually connect 足 with other words. Like 足够 ,meaning enough. Or you can say 足量 meaning the number or the height is enough because 量means volume . 够 also can means (adj.)enough but we always connect this word with 了. 够了 I think it's difficult to remember the differences directly. You can practice with your tutor, which will make you master these words as soon as possible. You are welcome to talk to me, and to ask me the other question you have if you would like to help me with engle else. :P
October 20, 2019
we often use 够 in our daily life,足够 is more formal, and 足 often connects with another word like 斤,两, EX. one phrase 足斤足两, means enough weight or not lack of waight
October 20, 2019
Same but when referring to day-to-day communications, the latter two can be used with no misunderstanding, the first one is a bit of ancient style.
October 19, 2019
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