Freud was a man of his time Does "Freud was a man of his time" in the provided context mean: 1. yes, Freud also had mistakes or 2. like every other person of that time Freud also had uncertainties about his discoveries? Context: According to Derrida, Freud paid excessive attention to content and was insufficiently concerned with relations, locations, processes and difference. Freud was a man of his time, and it is his uncertainties about his own discoveries and hypotheses that are of interest in contemporary aesthetics.
Oct 21, 2019 5:17 AM
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It doesn't mean #1 or #2. "a man of this time" is a phrase that means that the man carries the prevalent beliefs, prejudices and traits (good or bad) of that social or time period. It is difficult from this context to understand what the exact 'beliefs', etc the writer is referring to that Freud carried from that time. But the author is saying Freud was typical of those of his time ... in some manner. Without more context, my guess it is related to "his uncertainties about his own discoveries and hypotheses" in some way, as it's these words that follow.
October 21, 2019
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