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Is "Cyber-Bullying" an issue in your country? I'm not sure whether you've heard the news or not, a 25-year-old woman took her life by herself in Korea last week. She was a member of the popular K-pop idol group, f(x), and acted in some TV dramas also. She was a big celebrity with over a million followers spanning several different countries on Instagram. That was a tragedy that must not have happened. Everyone knows what led her to do that. What left her with no choice: "Cyber-bullying." It's been plaguing her for many years. So it got me wondering, "Is this the case in other countries too?" I really want to ask you. Does this thing happen in your country too? Do people commit suicide because of hate comments and cyber-bullying?
Oct 24, 2019 1:43 PM
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This horrible news also shocked a lot of people in China. Many of us mourn for Sulli. On this issue of cyber-bullying, my personnal point of view is that it happens everywhere, including China and Korea, but if the society is not tolerant enough to differences , the problem of bullying will get worse. Unfortunately, the East Asian culture is not quite tolerant to different lifestyle, people in these countries tend to judge each other. However, without offense, I think that that is more of a problem in Korea and Japan than in China, for the administration and the internet content providers are taking some mesures to prevent it, so as far as I can see, in China cyber bullying is less serious than the bullying in real life. I don't know if there is a solution to this, but I hope that people would show some sympathy to someone else's suffering, stop judging. And I do feel so sorry for Sulli, she was a beautiful and lovely girl, I hope that people will learn a lesson from it, and that this is the last case of this kind.
October 24, 2019
The web is the place where you can avoid bullying most easily) Just don't read the stuff you get from unknown people. If you are well-known, and consequently well-paid, hire a person who will read and sort that and present to you only pleasant and enjoyable pieces of writing) Actually, it's a matter of psychological health. A person satisfied with his life won't commit a suicide. A person who is not needs specialist's advice and therapy. Don't you think living with a bully in the same house or apartment or being dependent on him is much more dreadful and thus suicide-provoking?
October 24, 2019
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