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Does anybody know some good bilingua (english-russian) books?Or how to develop english writing skils I was trying to find russian-english bilingua books on the web ( no matter e-book or paper print ). I found a few of them ( mainly fiction classics ). But I wonder if there are resources on the web that provide parallel translation of russian to english and vice rersa. I was trying to use Google Translate for this matter on random texts but it seems like it produces horrible results ( the goal is to get good translation, not just get the meaning ). More general goal is to exercise russian-to-english translation skills ( or english writing skills ). And for that purpose I think bilingua books can serve very well. So could anyone give me an advice on how to develop english writing skills?
Oct 26, 2019 6:53 AM
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Самый простой способ - взять перевод любого русского произведения на английский. Как правило, переводы довольно точные, особенно если это классика. Еще есть сайт с параллельными текстами и встроенным словарем. Не помню, как называется, не уверена, что смогу найти :( Много выскакивает в поиске на "параллельное чтение". Например, это
October 26, 2019
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