Collocation with lives Hi, Could you please let me know which collocations work? 1. We are aiming to enrich people’s lives. 2. We are aiming to develop people’s lives. 3. We are aiming to improve people’s lives. 4. We are aiming to promote people’s lives. 5. We are aiming to foster people’s lives. Could you please give me the reasons why I can’t use some of those verbs? Thank you.
Nov 1, 2019 5:49 AM
Answers · 5
enrich and improve work. The others less so. "develop" possible, but into what? "promote" to whom? "foster" an aspect of people's lives, maybe. Foster something in people's lives.
November 1, 2019
Hello Seul, I agree with Nanren888. It is much common and correct to hear or read "enrich lives" and "improve lives", but the other three expressions are incomplete. If you are looking for a good online collocations dictionary, I can recommend Online OXFORD Collocation Dictionary:
November 1, 2019
All of those sentences are fine.
November 1, 2019
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