Can I answer "Yes, you need/have to." to question beginning with "Must" or "Should"? I saw just few conversation forms from my book. I want to know if there are more possible answers to this type of question forms. -- Example1 from my book: A: Must I go to school? B1: Yes, you must (= you have to). B2: No, you don't have to. B3: No, you don't need to. - Question1: Since B3 is correct, I'd like to know if B4 (as below) is a possible answer to sentence A. [B4: Yes, you need to. (I made up)] -------- Example2 from my book: C: Should I eat dinner? D1: Yes, you should. D2: No, you shouldn't (= should not). D3: No, you don't have to. D4: No, you don't need to. -- Question2: I think 'must' and 'should' are similar. So could [D5, D6 (as below)] be a possible answer to 'sentence C'? -- D5: Yes, you need to. (I made up) D6: Yes, you have to. (I made up) -- Any keywords or suggestions are all welcomed. If there is anything wrong in my opinion, please help to correct it. Thank you for your attention.
Nov 3, 2019 6:10 AM
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