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i got some sentences I can't understand! 1. Not letting that stand! This is a voice line from 'Overwatch', which is a video game. One of the characters say this sentence when she respawns. What does that mean and when i can use this sentence? 2. Have some of that! I forgot where I got this sentence :( What does that mean? 3.Let's see them aliens. This sentence is from a news when they are saying something about "Area 51 raid". I guess it means that "Let's see whether they are aliens or not" Am I correct? 4. Thank you so much for packing my shopping for me. This is a line from a movie "deadpool". I guess that means "Thank you so much for packing my stuffs that I've just bought" Am I correct? I need your help native speakers and I always appreciate it ·ᴗ·
Nov 5, 2019 12:14 PM
Answers · 2
1. To “not let something stand” means to fight back against an unacceptable situation and try to change it. Example: “The government has just passed a law that takes away our liberties. We can’t let that stand.” 2. “Have some of that” (or “take some of that”) is something a person can say after attacking an opponent. “That” is the attack, damage, or abuse that your opponent is being made to suffer. It can also be used in non-physical contexts, like a chess game: You put your opponent’s king in check, and say “take some of that.” 3. It depends on context. The speaker may believe there are aliens and is simply saying he/she is eager to see them, or he/she may doubt there are aliens and wants to see whether or not they are really there. 4. Yes.
November 5, 2019
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