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在看房子。 大山:这两个地方的房子一样吗? 中介:不一样。您看,学校外边的房子比学校里边的大一些。 What is 地方的房子? Appartments? And I don't understand the 学校. Is there a school in an appartment building? Thank you!!!
Nov 5, 2019 5:43 PM
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这两个地方的房子一样吗? 这 两个地方的 房子 一样吗? Do the houses in these two places the same ? example 这两个地方的人 people from these two places 学校外面的房子比学校里面的房子大一些 the apartment outside the school is larger than the apartment inside the school. there is no school in the apartment building, but there are two apartment buildings, and one of them is inside the school
November 5, 2019
the meaning of 地方的房子 is the house where the two-place the meaning of 学校 is school like university, college and so on the meaning of agent is that houses outside of school is larger than inside
November 5, 2019
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