What is worse, to try and fail or not to try at all Hello, I have to write a comment about this with theses and examples. Do you have any ideas? Thank you so much !
Nov 10, 2019 9:18 AM
Answers · 3
Hm, well this is something extremely broad. Do you have any examples in your life where you put a lot of effort to do something and overcome difficulties? I think choosing "try and fail" is a much easier perspective to defend than "not try at all", as you can use examples of personal life struggles you've encountered. Otherwise, you could also cite examples where famous people or people you know have encountered a problem and overcome it with effort. If you want to defend the latter point, "not try at all", perhaps you could find some examples where people struggled and failed, and would have better off using their energy elsewhere. Personally, I don't like this negative perspective, but it's your essay so do what makes you happy :p
November 10, 2019
Hello!!, I have no doubts about it. You always have to try to do whatever because it's the only way which we learn about our mistakes. Every time I fall I get up again.
November 10, 2019
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