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석 달, 주사, 퍽, 독창: 이 단어의 의미를 이해하게 좀 어려워요... 1. 석 달 means 'three months' according to Naver. Is it the same as '세 달?' Are there any other 고어 / 옛말 for other numbers (1, 2, 4, etc)? 2. What does '주사를 갖다' mean in this line: '재하는 꽤 멋진 주사를 갖고 있다'? 3. What does '퍽도 없다' mean? 4. Is 창의적이다 the same as 독창하다 in meaning? 5. What does '살림 차리다' mean? For example: '어디가서 살림 차린거 아니야?' -'아 살림 차리면 어때.' '나 같으면 10번도 더 차렸겠다.' The examples are from '리틀포레스트.' Thank you in advance! 미리 감사합니다!
Nov 11, 2019 4:07 AM
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1. 석 달 is as same as '세 달'. For '4' , you can say '넉'. For 1 and 2 , we just say 하나, 둘 ( 한, 두 before a counter). '석', '넉' is used with counters such as '잔 (glass)', '장(sheet)'. '서', '너' is used with counters such as '말 (Korean unit of measure for grain)', '돈 (unit of measure for gold)'. 2. '주사' might mean 'drinking habit'. I guess '꽤 멋진 주사' means 'quite a cool drinking habit'. I just assume the meaning of 주사 as 'drinking habit' because it only fits to your sentence. 3. '퍽도' is usually used to be sarcastic for a certain situation. '퍽도 없다' is used to emphasize "There is something or you found something even if the other person said you wouldn't find it." e.g. A : 냉장고에 아무 것도 없어. (There is nothing in the fridge.) B found a cake in the fridge and said to A. B : 퍽도 없다. 4. 창의적이다 and 독창적이다 both mean 'to be creative'. 5. 살림차리다 means 'to settle a home with a boyfriend/ a girlfriend.' '리틀 포레스트' 는 저도 좋아하는 영화예요. :)
November 11, 2019
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