foreclose on rupture in favour of seamlessness The following text describes this image ( ) by Jeff Wall. Does "digital montage forecloses on rupture in favour of seamlessness" mean "Digital montage is a kind of montage that prefers to gather different elements in a way that there is no seam between them, in contrast with traditional collages which included several seems between their parts"? Text: However, the photograph that stands out for me is Dead Troops Talk. The composite arrangement of dead soldiers in the flat landscape evokes the disruptive techniques of collage in a medium, digital montage, which forecloses on rupture in favour of seamlessness. The soldiers are posed as if perched on the brink between life and death. Using special-effects so that they sit upright with guts spilling out and limbs, including a head, half blown to pieces, their static poses paradoxically suggest animation and life, the whole image creating a sense of disorientation stemming in part from the uncertainty about how the image was produced.
Nov 12, 2019 12:52 PM
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