I need help with chinese charcters I have a big problem with character ,I have a lot f characters to keep in my mind and I am a beginner in mandrine ,I need a way to remember the character ,what should I do? How many characters I Should study in a day ??
Nov 14, 2019 9:30 AM
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November 25, 2019
First learn and recognize the common radicals (root words). Know what they mean and represent. Once you know them, you can build upon them with other combinations. For example, ロ is the pictogram of the mouth. So any combination of other characters will mean that it has something to do with the mouth. For example, sounds of animals 咩 bleat mouth+goat , 鳴 chirp (mouth+ bird) 吠 bark (mouth+ dog). 扌is the abbreviation of the hand 手 so, any combination has to do with a verb using the hand, 打 = to beat, 拖 = to hold, 推 = to push. With the 女 female character, the character has to something to do with women. 好 = woman+son = good, 如 woman + mouth = if ( yes, Chinese language is very sexist!) 媚 (woman + eyebrow) = sexy. (ancient Chinese fetish). 亻is vertical form of 人 (man, male) and so the same reasoning... 仁 the relationship of two persons should be of benevolence (Chinese philosophy). 木 = tree-->wood, hence something that is made from wood or a name of a tree, same sense for 艸 grass 花 = flower, 莽 = weed, 椰 coconut, 林 forest, 森 jungle, 椅 chair, 桌 table.魚 all things fishy, fish-like 鱗 fish scales, 鮮 fresh (fish + goat because, if they are not fresh, they have a great odor!) 鱔 eel, 鯨 whale etc. Some characters are composed because they came from stories. So in order to learn a language well, you need to know its history, culture and tradition. Just by learning only the language, you will always be restricted to the lowest form of communication. Learning Chinese characters in this way, gives you greater mnemonic means to remember.
November 14, 2019
It's (very) important to learn the radicals as Jeff pointed out already. I have another advice for You, which works very well for me: Do never just "copy by hand" the characters from your book . This is a horrible method! Without a photographic memory (I don't have one) You need to copy every character many many times until You can remember it. Instead, try the following: 1. Pick one (later two, three or more at a time) character that You want to learn and try to memorize it without writing it down yet. 2. CLOSE YOUR BOOK (or the page where the character is). 3. Make a short break (+- 1 min) and then try to write the character down on a blank sheet of paper. 4. If You don't remember it, give Yourself a bit more time. If You still don't remember it, try to draw a similar picture. Just try to draw something that looks close to it. 5. Now open the book again and look it up or compare. 6. Do this once or maybe twice and You will remember the character forever. This method has many advantages: - You activate another part of the brain, which is responsible for active thinking. - You improve Your memory in general. - You will have funny experiences. You will realize how much better Your brain actually works than You maybe thought. I was impressed about how good my brain can actually work when using this method for the first time. You will probably also be astonished about how close the drawings look like to the actual character. - You will find little details in the character that You wouldn't realize if You would just copy it by hand. Have fun with this method.
November 18, 2019
mess up and then put order
November 17, 2019
I think by practicing writing Chinese characters is the best way to remember them just like every Chinese teenager do. If you are using a textbook then just follow it and don't panic.
November 14, 2019
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