double the stakes Hello, Whoever knows what it means when a person say 'double the stakes', please let me know. Thank you so much!
Nov 15, 2019 3:56 AM
Answers · 3
An example of it being used literally. You and I play a round of golf every week and we usually bet $10 on each hole. Do you want to double the stakes this week? Play for $20 a hole today?
November 15, 2019
I'm pretty sure it's derived from gambling (as mentioned). So it means that one is increasing (or doubling) the risk, for the possibility that it pays out in the future. Like the more money you bet, the higher the stakes. In other words, you are risking to lose money in order to win money. I hope that made sense. It was harder to explain that I expected. ㅋㅋ
November 15, 2019
I think, what "the answer is on the surface", like saying in my country:) Probably "double the stakes" means "I'm very sure in my actions", like in poker "I'm all in".
November 15, 2019
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