Is it "for" used as because a frequent for native's writings? So since I started to read books in english I noticed this was a thing, and pretty often, but when studying english I was never taught this way of using for, the only alternatives for because I knew were as and since. So is it common? Should I use it on my writings?
Nov 17, 2019 1:33 AM
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Here is an explanation from Su.Ki., a respected italki member. How often do you use the word "for" as a synonym to "because of"? Never. Well, not unless I'm quoting the Bible or 19th-century poetry, for example. Is it common in nowadays? No. It is not used in modern everyday English. or is it AN archaic form? Yes, it could be considered archaic. If you tried to use it in an essay, for example, your teacher would probably tell you to replace it with 'because'. https://www.italki.com/question/486074
November 17, 2019
Could you provide an example?
November 17, 2019
"For he" was more common than "because he" in English fiction until about 1930. Now "because he" is about 4X more common. Here is a Google Ngram. https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=for+he%2Cbecause+he&year_start=1800&year_end=2000&corpus=16&smoothing=3&share=&direct_url=t1%3B%2Cfor%20he%3B%2Cc0%3B.t1%3B%2Cbecause%20he%3B%2Cc0
November 17, 2019
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