Ellen's show transcript 2019-11-17 HI, I am trying to get understand the ellen's show's transcript Here are some lines i am not sure if i know the meanings or not please help me with those lines. i will paste the link and lines and time below 00:12 First of all, sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Q:what is eye of the beholder 00:14 But there's nothing to behold with you, other than sexiness. Q:does it mean he has no word to describe but sexiness? 00:19 The epitome of what a man can be. Q: what is epitome 00:25 He shows up for his community. Q:what community stands for here 00:35 If men could just take notes! Q:why she uses "if" here 01:16 I wanted to just take the time that I had-- which was none, Q: take the time that i had?? i don't get it.. 01:50 And she always throws a birthday party, Q:why thorws here sounds like the first syllable of 'thurs'day? is it right to prounce like this?? 02:16 What a grown-up time to have a party. Q:is grown-up the same as mature? 02:26 It's like you start to resort back to kid time, yeah. Q:is resort equal to revert here? 03:01 But I would've been by myself and I was like, Q:I would've been by myself means she actually didnt go the by herself right? 03:44 Well, our daughter is mixed-ish as you would say, Q:what is mixed-ish here? 04:22 It is an unmet demographic of people Q:what is unmet emographic here 04:28 eternitiy: 永恆 With the way our hair comes out of our head for eternities, 04:31 across the globe Q: for eternities across the globe???? does she make fun of her product??
Nov 17, 2019 3:39 PM
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00:12 sexy is in the eye of the beholder This means that everyone's opinion of sexy is different, what one person sees and thinks is sexy doesn't mean the next person will think so too. Eye of the beholder would be the one making judgment if ____ person is sexy. 00:14 Flattery to say that EVERYONE will find this person sexy, going against what was said earlier. 00:19 Very best 00:25 This meaning might change depending on the context, but I think it means that he also supports the common people around him(community), that he is not selfish. 00:35 If is used here in the same way as this: 【如果】别的男人可以从你多学点就太好了! 01:16 Exaggerated way to say she had no time 01:50 She is just speaking really quickly 02:16 Usually means mature, but in a more playful and light manner. Here, grown-up time to have a party is opposite of wild college years where you would party until like 4am. 02:26 Bad choice of wording on her part. I agree revert is better here. 03:01 here, she is saying she did not go because she would have been by herself. She did not want to be by herself, so she didn't go. 03:44 Mixed race 04:22 Demographic of people refers to a certain group of people who share common traits. Examples: Low income, elderly, divorced, etc Unmet here most likely means that this group of people's problems might have usually gone ignored, not much attention has been given to them even though there's a clear problem. Here, the unmet demographic are people with hair types that are difficult to manage, but haven't been marketed towards. 04:28 Hair comes out of our head for eternities is just her way of more excitingly saying how for all of time, african-american people's hair have grown this way. Tracee Ellis Ross is implying that people like her with curly, coily and tight textured hair (african-american), have done so much great things, contributed so much to society throughout history all around the world, yet no one has made a solution to their hair problems
November 17, 2019
Judy OMG really thank you for you came and replied that clear even when you were in rush for going to the shop!
November 18, 2019
4:28 eternity is forever but the sentence doesn't make any sense. Across the globe means it comes from far away. I could say, " I brought this present for him from all the way across the globe (earth) , from Africa. Hope all of this helps. Just because someone says something on a talk show does not mean it is correct English.
November 17, 2019
1. Eye of the beholder means that each of us has his own opinion. What is sexy for one, may not be at all sexy for another. 2. Not something that one would normally say so I wouldn't worry about it. It just means that the speaker is saying the person is sexy. 3. Means that someone is the symbol of the best that someone could be. 4. Your community is the group of people that live in the same area as you. It also has the idea that you have a special bond with these people. 5. It is to say "If only men could take notes." A wish that men could listen and understand where women are coming from (their feelings and opinions) 6. I don't really get it either as it is not finished. I guess the person would have liked to have time to do something he had no time for. 7. Th has 2 sounds. One aspirates air as in Throws and the other sound does not as in that. I am not sure there are rules for this but there probably are. I don't have time to look them up, but I would say that one does not have time to think of rules when they are speaking and it is best to learn the pronunciation when you learn the word or look it up if you don't know. That is what I do in my language learning. I have to stop here as I need to go to the store and it is ready to close!! I hope this helped. Ok, I am back. 8. Grown up means the same as mature; however I never heard grown-up used this way. It is not standard usage to say a grown up time. 9. You are correct, the word should have been revert not resort. 10. It means if she had gone to the party alone. Like is just a slang word used here and has no real meaning. 11, Mixed-ish is a made up word . It does not exist. Probably the person was talking about his daughter being of mixed race or heritage. ie Asian and Caucasian for example. We do used the word mixed-up to mean confused. 12. That seems to be a technical term used in sociology. I do not know what it means. Unmet needs are when you have a necessity that is not met.
November 17, 2019
sorry i forget to paste the link here is the link: @Fernando Thanks for your help!!
November 17, 2019
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