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What is different between 气功and 太极拳?
2020년 8월 21일 오전 5:09
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气功 is a martial art/skill to train one's "internal/inner" energy. 太极拳 is a form of 气功 designed especially for older people so as to maintain physical and mental wellness.
2020년 8월 21일
气功是一种中国传统的保健、养生、祛病的方法。Qigong is a traditional Chinese method of health care, health care and disease elimination. 中国传统武术、中医、佛教、道教都共同认定,通过对呼吸技巧的锻炼,能防病养身、强身健体。Chinese traditional martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Taoism, through the exercise of breathing skills, can prevent disease and health. 太极拳是中国的国粹,是一种拳法。它综合了各家拳法之长,结合导引吐纳,采用腹式zhi呼吸,能在练拳时汗流浃背而不气喘,动作畅通气血。它也融合了以阴阳为基础的经络学说,成为内外双修,身心并练,将意识、呼吸、动作三者结合为一的内功拳法Taijiquan is the quintessence of China and a boxing method. It synthesizes the length of each boxing method, combines the guidance to spit, uses the abdomen type zhi breath, can sweat and not asthma when practicing boxing, the movement unblocked qi and blood. It also integrates the meridian theory based on yin and yang, and becomes the internal and external double practice, physical and mental practice, combining consciousness, breathing and movement into one internal boxing method
2020년 8월 21일
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