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at least one person has achieved the desired result here?
Jan 8, 2010 5:45 PM
Answers · 6
Not one, but too many friendly enemies. ( enemies should not be friendly, it is an expression in an opposite way. I got more than one and they are nice.)
January 9, 2010
Definitely - I have found excellent teachers - Several of whom I continue to have Portuguese lessons with. - I have found wonderful, dedicated, interested and interesting students to whom I teach English. - I have met some good people with whom to share my language with in a language exchange and I have made good friends who I have connected with, who are concerned about me and how I feel despite having never met me in person!
January 9, 2010
yes...i wanted to get some nice friends..i got many! and i wanted to share my thoughts...i got good listeners!
January 8, 2010
People can achieve anything if they set their minds to it.
January 10, 2010
hi No not one but many... you probably need some time to realize what you achieved... right?
January 9, 2010
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