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Mrs Shipra
Is possible to tell me how to reprsent it?How to ask rehki Doctor the below? Last year my mother got head injured.Now she is over sensitive.She always get head ache as if strongly stretching of her hair.And head,s one part feels as if liquid is there.Doctor told her treatment is over ,but she has suffering. We will sent her x ray on web.Please guide us .How is it about rehki?She has too tender health.Will rehki suit her?i Is it possible to reconstruct the sentence? Instead of this sentence .
Jan 27, 2010 7:00 PM
Answers · 2
Hi! :) I'm not sure if you're explaining the situation to us, or asking for a proofreading. I'll take it as a proofreading, if that's OK? "Last year my mother received a head injury. Even now, she is very sensitive. She always get headaches, as if someone is pulling at her hair. On one part of the skull, it feels like fluid has built up. The doctor told her that the treatment is finished, but she is still suffering. We will email you her x-rays. Please advise us, what about reiki treatment? She is very fragile. Is reiki suitable for her?"
January 28, 2010
i think you can ask this way to the doctor."hello doctor can i ask you something after the treatment that you done to my mother she still suffering from pain is there another way to diagnose her again? cowboy...
January 28, 2010
Mrs Shipra
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