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Will u come to shanghai,China to join the EXPO ?my friends.People here are waiting for your coming,:)
29 janv. 2010 01:50
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I was in Shanghai recently. The Expo is advertised and promoted EVERYWHERE! The Bund was being dug up and reconstructed in preparation. I was disappointed about that. I really am not interested in Expo at all. I would not like to go to Shanghai to spend time with millions of tourists. I would rather see the real China. So, I will avoid going to Shanghai during Expo.
2 février 2010
I wish I can go.
2 février 2010
I'd love to but I'm kinda broke at this time... will it be televised? :)
30 janvier 2010
I would love to go just to see the huge Australian pavilion, I read that they might be giving away bbq sausages and crocodile steaks. Let us know what you thought about it.
30 janvier 2010
well, i would love to come there!
29 janvier 2010
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