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Kim Eun Hye 김은혜
what is the korean name for joy?? pls answer?
Mar 2, 2010 11:07 PM
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there can be 2 ways, 은혜. 1. when we use pure korean for the name, it could be (any surname: 박, 김, 이, 명, 권, 홍 and so on) 기쁨 - sorta common and I saw few people who has this name '기(surname) 쁘다(given name)'(means I am happy) - but surname 기 is not common, so I saw only few people with this name 2. anyname with 희 (any surname)+ 명희=bright joy 탐희=seeking joy 가희=beautiful and joyful or it could be just 'beautiful lady' cuz 희 has different meaning as well. 지희=knowing joy or wisdom and joy there are too many. we can make whatever. so please ask precisely again. hope it could be helpful for you. :) have a nice one.
March 3, 2010
Kim Eun Hye 김은혜
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