谁知道元音辅音的记忆诀窍? 学习韩语
May 26, 2010 5:45 AM
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20个元音音素对应元音音素例子:    1) [i:] sea, he, see, piece, ceiling    2) [i]sit, build, miss, myth    3) [e] bed, desk, head,    4) [ ae] bad, land, bank, stamp (a和e中间是连起来的)    5) [a:] car, fast, class, plant, calm, aunt    6) [ ɔ] hot, want    7) [ ɔ:] door, more, sport, ball, warm, author, court, bought, caught    8) [u:] good, who, blue, soup,    9) [u] look, put, women, could    10) [ ʌ] cup, come, blood, rough    11) [ ə:] girl, work, serve, nurse    12) [ə ] cadre, ago, forget, polite, dollar, doctor, famous, Saturday    13) [ei] cake, they, play, eight, great,    14) [ai] bike, die, neither, light, try, find, height, eye    15) [əu ] phone, cold, boat, soul, grow    16) [au] house, town    17) [ɔi ] boy, oil    18) [iə ] dear, idea, deer, here, fierce,    19) [ɛə ] pear, care, there, fair    20) [ uə] tour, poor, No shortcut but practice
May 27, 2010
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