How to change a verb to past. I'm very beginner in Arabic. I wonder how to make a verb into past. Maybe, there is a rule to make verbs into past. I want to write short diary in Arabic, so I want to use some past sentences.
Jun 7, 2010 2:51 PM
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ther is no particular rule .. but i give u some examples presnt - past شرب - يشرب قرأ - يقرأ ذهب - يذهب لعب - يلعب سمع - يسمع واذا كنت تتحدث بصيغة المؤنث اضف ( ت )في اخر الكلام مثل (if u r speaking about femal then add ت to the end of the act شربت - قرات - لعبت - نجحت if u need any help just send msg to me :D
June 7, 2010
Talking about a male : المضارع (Present Tense) : يَفْعَلُ ~ yafa'alo ~ (Doing) الماضي (Past Tense) : فَعَلَ ~ fa'ala ~ (Did) It's almost this way , if you want write the verbs you need to convert into past tense & I'll help you
June 18, 2011
mar7aba مرحبا my brother اخي it's the harder thing of course we will use/ charibaشرب (drink)verb : past___the radical+changing for every noun (me= أنا ana__+تُ to)=charibto شربت present__add a(for me) or t(for you or she) or n (for we )or y(they or he) before verb == achribo ,tachribo=nachribo =yachribo............... future +add sa سَ =sa achribo سَيَشْرِبُ=sa tachribo=sayachribo....
June 11, 2010
What she said is true(flora) Present tense begins with four characters :أ - ن -ي - ت They call it in Arabic (Annette) : أنيت These characters are called characters of the present tense Must begin with the present tense Examples of past tense: Hit:ضرب /eat أكل:/writeكتب:/ fasted:صام- Examples of present tense: صام= تصوم كتب=نكتب أكل=يأكل-أأكل ضرب=يضرب Now see: نصوم - أصوم- يصوم- تصوم Present tense, also known as Time It indicates an event that started at a time to speak or after the time to talk and continued I am tired now, see you later
June 9, 2010
the verb in present begin with ي example:يأكل<<<eat and to change it to the past you delete ي it become:أكل another example:يشرب<<<drink in past:شرب and to speak about female add ت at the end of the verb to become:أكلت - شربت
June 8, 2010
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