Por favor , como se dice "how beautiful it is " y "you can find China on the map of the world " Muchas gracias !
Jun 11, 2010 12:41 AM
Answers · 4
hey bill ! Cómo está todo i going to answer ur question . 1. Qué hermoso es esto o Que hermoso es ( how beautiful it is ) 2. Puedes encontrar China en un mapa mundial ( u can find china on the map of the world) Hope u See u soon Saludos
June 11, 2010
Qué hermoso que es ! (How beautiful it is...) Puedes encontrar a China en un mapa mundi (You can find China on the map of the world =/ ) =D
June 11, 2010
In this question, I support the answers given by respondent LedFuser, as I am somehow confused with the suggested answers given by the other two respondents, especially in the translation of the second sentence: "You can find China on the map of the world". 1) "China" is an object (country) but not a person, and thus, why do we need the personal "a" preposition when we describe "China" as a direct object? Hence, "encontrar (la) China" is simply fine in my personal point of view. 2) "World" in English is equivalent to "(el) mundo" as a noun and "mundial" as a noun-modified adjective. So, from where does "mundi" come (at least it is not found in a typical multi-lingual online dictionary, and we are currently not talking about the plural form in Italian)? Well, I sincerely apologize if my ignorant Spanish level offended anyone, and I fully appreciate if any native Spanish speakers may rectify me, should my presumptions be wrong. Additionally, if you ask me any further suggestions, I would say, that in formal occasion, one may translate the second sentence as, "Ud. puede encontrar China en un mapa mundial." (for singular addressee); "Uds. pueden encontrar China en un mapa mundial." (for plural addressees, formal and informal, especially in Latin America, as they do not adopt "vosotros" for plural addressing). Good day. / Que tengas buenos días. / 祝 是日安好。
June 14, 2010
1. Que hermoso (hermosa) es 2. Puedes encontrar a China en un mapamundi.
June 11, 2010
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