Both are right? or no........? 이따 뵈요. See you later… 이따 봬요. 이따 뵈요. See you later… 이따 봬요. 둘다 맞아? 왜요? 왜 없어요? Both are right? Why? Why not?
Jun 18, 2010 1:05 AM
Answers · 2
이따 봬요 is right.. Hum... they are quite confusing :P 봬요 is shortened from 뵈어요. You can say 뵐게요,뵙겠습니다 meaning the same as 봬요, not 봴게요,봽겠습니다 However you'll say 어제 선생님을 뵀다(past), not 뵜다. There is a way to distinguish which is right If you put 해/하 instead of 봬/뵈 in a sentence then, if not awkward, you'll use it 해-봬 // 하-뵈 내일 봬요>> 해요> 해요 sounds right 내일 봴게요>>핼게요> dosen't make sense but 뵐게요>>할게요 does right,, so you'll say 뵐게요. You can also use this way to 되/돼>>>> 의사가 되다>>하다, not 돼다. 숙제 해야 돼>>해, not 되 It's quite confusing one even to most Koreans
June 18, 2010
이따 보ㅣ요 is right, see you later - 나중에 보ㅣ요 see you around - 종종 보ㅣ요 see you soon - 곧 보ㅣ요 see you then - i think this is what '이따 보ㅣ요' means as when a conversation about when they meet is over, not exactly though see you again - 다시 보ㅣ요 you can also use 봐요 to social friends あadd to that : I'd been knowing it wrong, lol, refer to the below answer, cheers
June 18, 2010
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